Paper industry

The conservation and conditioning of paper material

Since 1998 Fratielivi has added to the activity of book restoration also that of the production of articles for the conservation and conditioning of paper material. These articles were created to conserve and protect books, archival documents and museum exhibits from physical, chemical and biological damage.

Fratielivi paper products compliant with long-term conservation

Fratielivi’s long-life paper converting products are made with materials that comply with ISO 9706, ISO 16245 and ISO 18916 standards and have passed the PAT test for photographic documentation, as indicated by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

ArchivHug and the large standard and customized production of Fratielivi

Among the different types of containers designed and manufactured, the space-saving extendable file ArchivHug stands out, patented by Fratielivi. In addition to the production activity of a range of thousands of standard items, the company also supports the activity of creating customized containers based on the specific needs of the customers.

To date, many works of inestimable artistic and historical value are kept in containers designed and produced by Fratielivi, including, for example, the Italian Constitution.

Present in archives, libraries, museums and the most prestigious institutions, all the company’s paper converting products for long-term conservation are distributed in Europe and worldwide by CTS Conservation & Archival.


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