Docursan2 is the new range of climate control machines developed by Fratielivi and Tergeosan technicians for the long-term conservation of audio, video, photos, exhibits and other materials subject to protection.

Thanks to the combination of innovative technologies, Docursan2 are able to guarantee the most appropriate temperature and degree of relative humidity for the protection of as many as 5 large classes of goods.

With their preset programs, the machines can protect:

  1. Artistic artifacts of paper, papier-mâché, tissue paper, tapestries & archival documents on paper or parchment, papyrus, manuscripts, printed volumes, philatelic collections.
  2. Fabrics, veils, curtains, carpets, fabric upholstery, tapestries, silk, costumes, clothes, religious vestments, natural fiber materials, jute.
  3. Book bindings with leather or parchment.
  4. Film, color photography & film, black and white photography.
  5. magnetic tapes (except computer tapes and video tapes).

Equipped with an additional program that can be fully configured by the user, the machines also allow to cover even more specific conservation needs. In fact, temperature and humidity are independently adjustable in such a wide range as to allow the conservation of artifacts which, due to their nature or state of conservation, may require particular thermohygrometric conditions.

Available in three different sizes with storage cells of different capacities, the Docursan2 range is characterized by a control panel that can be managed via a color touch screen display 7 and a PLC which constantly manages and analyzes the temperature, the degree of relative humidity, the ventilation through a system of probes and sensors, maintaining the set data with absolute precision. Also in this case, the machines can be controlled from PCs, notebooks, smartphones and tablets and benefit from remote assistance and remote monitoring.

The Docursan2 range of machines is marketed in Italy and in Europe by Tergeosan and distributed in the rest of the world by Preservation Technologies.

Functions and characteristics

Allows long-term storage in total safety of audio, video, photos, artifacts and other materials subject to protection

It maintains the thermohygrometric values officially recommended and pre-set with absolute precision and constancy to ensure the optimal chemical-physical conservation conditions of five classes of paper, membranous and artistic-cultural assets.

In addition to the preset programs, it allows the manual setting of the thermohygrometric conditions to comply with specific storage needs.

It is available in three sizes (with the small movable on wheels)

It is easy to use, can be monitored and managed remotely with PCs, notebooks, smartphones, tablets

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