Books Wind1

Books Wind1 is the largest Italian freeze dryer and the only one certified for the drying and disinfestation of library and archival documentation.

Introduced by Fratielivi in 2003, after three years of development and experimentation, the machine is able to process up to 20 linear meters of documentation per cycle.

Books Wind1 allows you to effectively solve various problems that can afflict paper material subject to protection: from damage caused by large quantities of water (together with mud and other substances) or from prolonged permanence in damp and unhealthy environments in the presence of mold and insects.

With Books Wind1 the library and archival documentation can be subjected to different types of treatmentsdrying, hot/cold thermal stress in vacuum, very low temperature thermal stress – in full respect of the structure of the paper and of the bindings (whether in leather, parchment, wood, canvas, cardboard, etc.), and in total safety for the operators, the environment and the potential users of the treated material.

The parameterization of the freeze-dryer processes was carried out in collaboration with the Central Institute for the Pathology of Archives and Books. Experiments and chemical and physical investigations conducted by the Institute have demonstrated the total efficacy of Books Wind1 and the absence of harmful effects on paper documentation.

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Books Wind1

Already in 2003, after three years of development, the company introduced Books Wind1: the largest Italian freeze dryer and the only one certified for drying…

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