Dusting of books and paper material subject to protection

The dedusting of books and documents present in libraries, archives and museum deposits is an activity to be carried out periodically for preventive protection

Why dust off the book and archival material

Dust is a dangerous enemy for book and archival material. Dust deposits of both organic and inorganic origin represent an ideal ground for the birth and development of microorganisms, such as molds, bacteria and insects. Dust can be a vehicle for substances that can also trigger chemical degenerative phenomena.

It is not uncommon to come across combined chemical and biological attacks triggered or amplified by the presence of dust.

The dedusting of books, documents and paper material in general is an effective form of prevention to eliminate at the root potential damage that would entail costs and much more demanding recovery actions. On the other hand, dedusting is a necessary preliminary operation if it is necessary to proceed with the sanitization and disinfestation of the library and archival material attacked by mold or insects.

The characteristics of the dedusting service offered by Fratielivi

The dedusting activities offered by Fratielivi are carried out exclusively by specialized technicians or restorers, able to ensure the adoption of the most suitable methodologies for the correct removal of harmful substances and biodeteriogens nestled in the dusts, in full compliance with the greater or lesser fragility of the materials subject to intervention.

These activities can be carried out at the institution requesting them or at our company. In both cases, Fratielivi is able to carry out a large-scale treatment of large quantities of paper material in a short time.

The DEA range

DEA is the only machine in the world capable of dedusting correspondence, books, folders, documents, loose papers, respecting the material, the environment and the health of the operators.

DEA removes and captures 93% to 99% of dust present on paper material: a performance standard certified by the CNR.

Fratielivi has contributed to the technological development of the DEA range thanks to its thirty years of experience in the treatment, restoration, recovery and conservation of documents, books and archives.

The DEA range is currently distributed by Fratielivi through its Tergeosan brand, dedicated, among other things, to the design and marketing of technologies for the protection of movable cultural heritage.


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