INT4SAN is a powerful air purifier – designed by Livico in collaboration with Tergeosan and Fratielivi – designed to improve the quality of the air and the hygiene of storage environments for archival, library, bibliographic and museum heritage. Functional for preventive conservation, the machinery helps to eliminate the costs of maintenance interventions due to a bad microclimate. Its installation following the relocation of sanitized collections also allows not to frustrate the efforts made in disinfection and disinfestation.

As has been known for some time, in addition to incorrect thermohygrometric conditions, low air quality in conservation environments is a high risk factor for the durability of the heritage.

The state of the air quality – when compromised by the presence of contaminants, fine dust, biodeteriogenic agents, such as molds, fungal spores, bacteria – can lead to a rapid degradation of paper and parchment media or artifacts stored in archives, libraries, deposits museum.

It doesn’t take much to induce a deterioration of the collections. A inadequate ventilation, an uncontrolled or low air exchange, the presence of air conditioning systems with poor filtering are all sufficient elements to determine the persistence and development in indoor environments of chemical, physical and biological pollutants harmful to the material to be protected and impossible to contrast with traditional operations of cleaning.

INT4SAN is an innovative machine that prevents the degradation of movable cultural assets of archival and book interest by canceling the deleterious effects of the poor quality of the air present in the conservation areas. INT4SAN acts by quickly purifying large volumes of air and restoring the most suitable microclimate for safeguarding and protecting the heritage.

INT4SAN works by combining various cutting-edge technologies, including a five-stage air filtration system capable of eliminating large and fine dust, pollutants, molds, fungi, bacteria, viruses, odors, gases. The system includes, among other things, a stage with HEPA H14 filtering, the filter commonly adopted in operating theaters – which guarantees filtration efficiency of 99.995%. In this way the machine is able to counteract the usual degradation of the air found in indoor environments without resorting to chemicals harmful to individuals and to the supports or artifacts to be protected.

Thanks to a powerful and silent motor, the air recirculated by INT4SAN and widespread in the conservation environment it is always renewed and filtered, pure and healthy, both for the operators and for the materials subjected to protection.

INT4SAN is distributed by Tergeosan and available in several versions. They differ in: the amount of air that can be treated (up to 1200 m³/h); the efficient coverage of both small and large spaces (up to an area of 500 m²); the presence or absence of a dehumidifying function; the inclusion of a special anti-formaldehyde filter; the provision of data loggers and remote control.

INT4SAN raises the air quality standards of the environments in which it is located to a level unattainable by common air conditioning systems with filters, ventilation or manual cleaning.

Equipped with wheels and standard electrical connection, INT4SAN can be easily placed in any storage environment.

Functions and characteristics

Contrasts the degradation of the air quality of the storage environments by restoring the most suitable microclimate for the protection of paper and parchment supports, objects, artifacts

It captures dust, polluting particles, gases, allergens and purifies from molds, bacteria, viruses through the combined action of a system of 5 filters (including a HEPA 14 filter) which guarantees filtration efficiency equal to 99.995%

It is available in several versions able to treat and purify from 300 up to a maximum of 1200 m³ / h of air and to cover up to 500 m2 of surface.

It includes, if required, the dehumidification function and / or a special anti-formaldehyde filter

It can be equipped with a datalogger and remotely controlled

It is mobile, silent and works with 220v

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INT4SAN is a powerful air purifier – designed by Livico in collaboration with Tergeosan and Fratielivi – designed to improve air quality and hygiene of …


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