Developed on the basis of the technologies of the Books Wind2 system, Docursan3 is the ideal all-in-one machine for the defense of archival and book heritage from damage caused by water, humidity, insects and mould. The machine can dry, dehumidify, disinfect and freeze autonomously and safely – for supports and operators – up to 25 linear meters of archival and book material placed on roll container trolleys or shelving.

In the drying and dehumidification process, Docursan3 makes use of the combined action of a series of heating, evaporation and condensation technologies capable of removing, capturing and expelling the water and humidity present on the supports without damaging them.

In the disinfestation process, Docursan3 suppresses insects – without using chemicals – through a 100% effective controlled and parameterized thermal abatement technology.

Distinguished by a freezing system and a state-of-the-art insulation structure, Docursan3 is also effective in preventing fungal germination or stopping the development of molds in the case of an existing infection on moist or wet archival and library material.

Equipped with preset programs for the 4 functions, a system of probes and sensors and a display for the control panel, Docursan3 can be equipped, on request, with the Smart Kit 4.0 namely: a Wi-Fi module; a 7-inch Touch Screen with Ethernet port; a dedicated App to manage and monitor the process remotely via smartphone and PC; a Software that allows remote assistance and diagnostics.

Docursan3 is marketed in Italy and in Europe by Tergeosan and distributed in the rest of the world by Preservation Technologies.

Functions and characteristics

Dehumidifies and dries archival and library materials damaged by water

Freezes at operating temperatures necessary to prevent fungal germination and stop mold growth on already infected materials

Disinfect archival and library assets by eliminating insects present at every stage of their life cycle

It allows to process up to 25 linear meters of archival and book material per cycle

It is easy to use, can be monitored and managed remotely with PCs, notebooks, smartphones, tablets

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