Our history

Born as a bindery in 1975, Fratielivi helps cultural institutions, public and private bodies, companies and foundations in the protection – in ordinary and emergency conditions – and long conservation of the archival and book heritage.

Inspired by model of the Renaissance workshop and the contamination between art and science, Fratielivi has always worked using specialized human capital in humanities and sciences; preserving and renewing i artisan knowledge; developing proprietary technologies and innovations for the care and treatment of movable cultural heritage of archival and book interest.

Our Values

Prevention Disclosure Integrity Innovation Cooperation Sharing Ethics 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Prevention Disclosure Integrity Innovation Cooperation Sharing Ethics 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Prevention Disclosure Integrity Innovation Cooperation Sharing Ethics 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Our solutions:
artisan knowledge and technologies for archival and book assets


Drying is an intervention of fundamental importance in emergency situations and catastrophic events that put at risk paper archives, libraries and books affected by water…


The dedusting of books and documents in libraries, archives and museum deposits is an activity to be carried out periodically for the preventive protection of…

Disinfection and disinfestation

The presence of mold, fungal spores, insects and other biodeteriogenic agents is one of the most serious problems faced by libraries,…

Microbiological and entomological analysis

Archives, libraries and museum deposits are places naturally exposed to the risk of biological attacks. Molds, bacteria and insects can…


The Fratielivi operates as a laboratory for the restoration of ancient books, documents and paper, leather and wooden artifacts. The laboratory is qualified in accordance with the law…

Paper industry

Since 1998 La Fratielivi has added to the restoration of the book also that of the production of articles for the conservation and conditioning of paper material…

Disaster Recovery

Fratielivi is the only Italian company with two decades of experience in disaster recovery for archives, libraries and museum deposits. The company can boast of successful interventions, both in the case of major natural and / or artificial disasters …

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