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Technologies and Innovation at Fratielivi

The technological development and innovations of Fratielivi for the protection of the archival, book and museum heritage

Over the years, Fratielivi has conceived, designed, developed and marketed machines, plants, products and systems for the safeguarding, recovery and rescue of archival, book and museum heritage.

In accordance with its vision, the company has always invested resources in research, experimentation and cross-fertilization of knowledge and skills in order to generate cutting-edge innovations and technologies for the protection of archival, book and documentary assets.

Thanks to its constant commitment to innovation, Fratielivi can now boast the possession of a fleet of machines and plants that is unique in Italy and Europe and able to cover the entire range of processes necessary for the treatment of paper and membranous material subject to protection. : from drying to dedusting; from disinfection to disinfestation, from rescue to immediate safety in the event of natural and / or man-made disasters.

Tergeosan srl and new technologies for the protection of movable cultural assets of archival and book interest

In full compliance with its long-term corporate policies, in 2020 Fratielivi establishes Tergeosan. The new company, custodian of the technological know-how of Fratielivi, was born with the aim of designing, developing and marketing cutting-edge technologies – machinery, processes, plants, equipment, devices – for the protection of human beings and their products. ingenuity.

In 2021 Tergeosan enters the reference market of movable cultural assets of archival and book interest by launching five new types of intelligent and automated machinery for disinfection, pest control, long storage, drying, freezing in emergency situations, dedusting – Docursan1, Docursan2, Docursan3, Docursan4, DEA – and developing an innovative system for the recovery and immediate safety of the archival and book heritage damaged by water – the CryoSafetySystem.

Books Wind1

Already in 2003, after three years of development, the company introduced Books Wind1: the largest Italian freeze dryer and the only one certified for drying …

Books Wind2

In 2009 Fratielivi introduced, after two years of development, Books Wind2: the first large-scale mobile system for dehumidification, disinfection …


Docursan1 is a new mobile machine for the sanitization and disinfestation of archival and book heritage, with a certified efficacy of over 99% …


Docursan2 is the new range of climate control machines developed by Fratielivi and introduced by Tergeosan for the long-term preservation of audio…


Developed on the basis of the technologies of the Books Wind2 plant, Docursan3 is the all in one machine introduced by Tergeosan for the defense of heritage …


Docursan4 is the perfect machine for the archives, libraries and museums they intend to deal with – autonomously and in total safety for the operators …


In 2020, Fratielivi collaborates in the development of DEA: the only transportable machine in the world capable of removing dust from correspondence, books, loose papers, …

Crio-safety System

In June 2021, after three years of development, experimentation and empirical tests, Fratielivi introduces the CryoSafetySystem: a world first in the emergency sector …


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