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Fratielivi’s laboratory for the restoration of ancient books, documents and archives

The Fratielivi operates as a laboratory for the restoration of ancient books, documents and paper, leather and wooden artifacts. The laboratory is qualified by law.

It has a size of approximately 500sqm. It stands out for its security systems – from fire-fighting devices to anti-theft devices to the internal vault. It benefits from specific insurance for the protection of paper products.

The types of restoration works by Fratielivi

The restorations division, specialized in interventions on parchments, transparencies, newspapers, is able to carry out restoration interventions of different types:
  • Restoration of monastic bindings with wooden planks, also painted
  • Restoration of numerous notarial deeds, starting from the 14th century, with parchment bindings
  • Restoration of leather and parchment bindings, which made it possible to reuse them, despite the poor state of conservation in which they were found

  • Mechanical restoration of "lignin" papers (1850-1950), including newspapers
  • Recovery and restoration of manuscript parchments from the 8th to the 17th century, using a technique that does not involve the use of a press
  • Restoration of large format maps, including watercolors
  • Mechanical restoration of archival and book documents with fiber reintegrator

SOA OS 2 -B certification and Fratielivi qualified restorers

The laboratory has been carrying out restoration interventions for State Archives, Libraries, public and private bodies since 1992. Qualified in accordance with Law 109/94 and subsequent amendments and additions, the Fratielivi laboratory is in possession of the SOA Category OS 2 -B certificate – movable cultural property of archival and book interest – necessary

to carry out work on their own and individually for an amount up to 600,000 euros.
The restoration division of Fratielivi is made up of 4 qualified restorers plus 2 units of internal staff with solid experience in bookbinding.


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